Domain Media Appoints Business Development and M&A Specialist David Lyons To Its Advisory Board

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March 18, 2015

Chandler, AZ, March 18, 2015 – Multi channel Internet media network and content marketing firm Domain Media Corp. is proud to announce the appointment of a new member to the Company’s advisory board – Mr. David Lyons.

Mr. Lyons has over 25 years of executive leadership experience including 14 years as a C-level public company executive or board member, building a strong track record of growing companies both organically and through acquisition strategies.  Mr. Lyons was the vice president of acquisitions of Expanets, Inc., which acquired 28 businesses in four years, creating a company with profitable aggregate revenues in excess of $500 million.  David was the Chairman and CEO of NyCom, Inc., a public telecommunications company, which in 5 years grew to provide its services to over 250,000 customers reaching $80 million in revenue.   He served on the Board of Directors of GoAmerica, a public company, helping to implement an acquisition strategy that included the purchase of a division of Verizon, growing company revenues from $8 million to $140 million.  As a board member of Kingstone Companies, Inc. (a NASDAQ company), David was involved in the restructuring of the company as it converted itself into a Property and Casualty Insurance provider, resulting in a dramatic increase in revenue, profit and shareholder value.

Collectively, David has completed over 30 acquisitions for the respective companies he ran as an executive and/or board member, and has aggregated over $600 million in profitable annual revenue for these private and publicly traded companies.

Mr. Lyons stated, “Domain Media is in a superb space in owning and providing multiple community based networks with relevant content, industry expertise and like-minded connections.  I look forward to contributing to the Company’s acquisition growth strategy as it continues to increase its media assets and build its value in content marketing and social community marketplace.”

With his background as a corporate and securities attorney and having held key leadership positions at multiple private and public companies in various industries, David brings unique skill sets to Domain Media’s growth plans as it continues to attain its goals.

“I’ve known David for over 14 years now and consider him one of the foremost experts in designing and implementing profitable acquisition campaigns and building businesses for the long term, and deeply respect his stewardship and experience in increasing shareholder value. We’re extremely excited to work with David and privileged to have him become part of our team. The next few of years of growth are going to be incredible for Domain Media,” stated Mr. Chris Kern, Domain Media Corp’s Founder and President.

About Domain Media Corp:

Domain Media Corp. is an integrated multi-channel Internet media and content marketing company that focuses on delivering world-class business solutions and connecting people with their passions, pursuits and interests in specific market verticals. The Company owns and operates website networks and a growing number of online communities that aggregates large markets while catering to specific audiences where people and businesses can connect, learn, and share.

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