Domain Media Corp. Acquires the Enthusiast Online Network (EON)

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October 14, 2013

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August 5, 2013

Domain Media Corp. (Chandler, Arizona – “DMC”) announces that it has formally completed its asset acquisition of the Enthusiast Online Network, Inc. in a private transaction.

EON has a deep rooted history in the automotive sector, originally as a network of print publications such as Trucks Magazine, Dodge Truck World, and Ford Truck World. During the height of the Internet – the company decided it had to embrace the new medium and quickly established a wide ranging network of niche websites such as,,,, and to name a few of the 20+ websites in the Automotive section of our wide range of Brands.

“EON was a great acquisition for us to make and presents a unique opportunity to leverage an extensive network of media assets and a proprietary technology platform. The media network, which ranges far beyond the automotive sector, has over ten million user posts, approximately one million user uploaded images, and a very loyal base of enthusiasts that are simply awesome. As EON was an originally venture backed company and has such an established foundation – we could not pass up the opportunity to take it over and breath new life into it,” stated Chris Kern, DMC’s president and CEO. “We have a lot of work ahead of us to get the network back to its previous levels and beyond, however, we have a very strong vision and are committed to making Domain Media a global player as a niche media network.”

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Domain Media is an integrated Internet media company that owns and manages a broad based network of online communities and ecommerce sites, as well as provides business services in lead generation, sponsored market research, and content marketing. For additional information on the Company – go here.

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