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October 15, 2013

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October 15, 2013

Domain Media Corp. (Chandler, AZ – “DMC”) announces today that it has launched its new corporate website. The Company has taken the steps to make a dramatic upgrade to its web presence and corporate image by developing a brand new website from the ground up and to include the network of websites and technology platform that it now has as a result of the acquisition of the Enthusiast Online Network, Inc. (“EON”), which was recently completed.

Chris Kern, DMC’s President stated “our previous website was not reflective of our current business and the significant strides that we’ve made as a company during the past few months. We felt it was due time for a complete refresh to show our capabilities and what we have as an established media platform. We’re extremely excited about where Domain Media is today and what the near future holds for us.”

The new corporate website provides additional details on DMC’s extensive media network of niche focused websites on its Brands section as well as outlines some of the features of its technology Platform.

About Domain Media: 
Domain Media is an integrated Internet media company that owns and manages a broad based network of online communities and ecommerce sites, as well as provides business services in lead generation, sponsored market research, and content marketing. For additional information on the Company – go here.

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